SIM Micro-Credentials

SIM Professional Developers may award SIM Micro-Credentials to educators with whom they work to enable them to show their knowledge of and expertise with SIM Learning Strategies or Content Enhancement Routines. Once earned, these micro-credentials may be displayed on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla Backpack or an e-portfolio or webpage. Each micro-credential is backed by a list of requirements that must be met before KUCRL awards the credential. Evidence of the recipient's skill is available online by clicking on the credential.

BEFORE you add credentials to your cart: Submit the name, credential level (Specialist, Fidelity of Implementation or Professional Learning) and the specific micro-credential(s) for each learner for Learning Strategies (click here to submit). and for Content Enhancement Routines (click here to submit).
Invitations to join the credential are sent by email by KUCRL staff. Invitations for credentials purchased on weekends or holidays will be sent on the next business day.

If you are submitting a large number of names, you may want to add the quantities to the cart, and send a spreadsheet to containing:
  • learner names
  • email addresses
  • job site
  • level of credential (Specialist, Fidelity, Professional Learning)
  • The names of the Content Enhancement Routines or Learning Strategies

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